Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Bad Boys get all the Hot Women, and Nice Guys don’t even get close

A bad boy is sexy. There’s something about that sly smile; that look in his eyes. He just turns women on wherever he looks.

He moves like an alpha male in the animal kingdom: Relaxed and confident. Almost too relaxed. Almost too confident.

So what exactly defines a bad boy?

In its most simple definition, a bad boy is someone who works outside the norms of society. He doesn’t follow rules, he f**king makes them himself!

It’s really all about the mindset; the attitude. He just doesn’t give a damn.

A bad boy is also incredibly unpredictable. One moment he might be your best friend; the next you’re outside getting your ass kicked. For no reason at all.

His looks witness his personality; adventurous, unpredictable, raw. Exactly what he wears doesn’t matter – it’s the way he wears it that counts.

Typical bad boy traits:

  • He always put himself first.
  • Does what he wants, whenever he wants.
  • He’s extremely arrogant.
  • Abuse the people around him.
  • He’s really dominant
  • Create a lot of drama.
  • Has high masculinty.
  • Has very high sexual confidence, and he knows how to please a woman.
  • He’s dangerous, and you never really know where you have him.
  • Lead an exciting life.
  • Gets a lot of girls.

And it’s that last trait that’s interesting. Bad boys generally get lots of girls. And even though they treat them like sh*t, they keep coming back… Because the sex is so exciting. And not only the sex:

Everything about the bad boy is exciting. Being with one is like riding a giant roller coaster for a woman; there are incredible emotional highs, and there are incredible emotional lows.

Wussies and nice guys

Wussies on the other hand, are almost the exact opposite. In “pick up glossary”, a wussy can also be called an “AFC” – an Average Frustrated Chump. You could also call him a needy guy, or a nice guy, whatever works for you.

Nice guys generally don’t get girls. And when most nice guys do get laid, they often refer to it as “getting lucky”.

Typical nice guy traits:

  • He’s available all the time.
  • dresses “nice”.
  • Only talks about “death topics” (family, politics, economy etc.)
  • Calls 27 times a day, and leaves “cute messages” in her voicemail.
  • Compliments her all day long (mostly on her looks)
  • His bodylanguage is “stiff” (center of gravity in the middle, arms hanging pointlessly at the sides)
  • Never takes risks.
  • He is dependable, and she always knows exactly where she haves him.
  • Always shows up 10 minutes early.
  • Live a boring, predictable life.
  • Doesn’t get a lot of girls. Few to none actually.
  • And when he does, she usually ends it with the “let’s just be friends” phrase.

Said in simpler words, a wussy is boring as hell.

And who wants boring? I know for sure that I don’t. My life is too short for boring.


  1. hmm..yela tu dik..ko ni boring je manjang..kate ramai kawan..mane semua kawan2 tu??huhuhu..