Friday, November 19, 2010


I Wish..

I wish I had a boy to hold me tight
I wish I had a boy to tell me how beautiful my eyes are
I wish I had a boy to keep me warm during the cold nights
I wish I had a boy to drive me in his car

I wish I had someone to tell me that they love me
I wish I had someone who cares
I wish I had someone who understands me
I wish I had someone who is always there

I wish I had a life to treasure
I wish I had a life to keep
I wish I had a life without the pressure
I wish I hadn't gone too deep

I wish I hadn't ended it
I wish I hadn't lied
I wish I loved him more than a bit
I wish right that moment I had died

I wish everyone found happiness
I wish everyone found love
I wish everyone didn't just go for looks
I wish everyone's love was like a dove

Thursday, November 18, 2010


i hate it when you're selfish
i hate it when you're too proud
i hate it when you're childish
i hate it when you talk so loud

i hate it when you're cruel
i hate it when you're rude
i hate it when you're bragging
i hate it when you're lying

i hate the way you tease me
i hate the way you make me cry
i hate the way you make me angry
i hate the way you make me lie
i hate the fact that you were never there
when i need somebody to care
i hate the fact that you are so sweet
so loving, smart and full of wit

i hate the way you look so adorable
i hate the way you act so gentle
i hate the way you make me blue
but in my heart I'M ALWAYS LOVE YOU NADDY!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sunshine gentle on my face,
Sunshine, caressing, gentle, kind,
Sunshine traveling, through endless miles of space,
Sunshine forever on my mind.

Sunshine warms the gentle Earth,
Sunshine warms the seven seas,
Sunshine chases sorrows, welcomes mirth,
Sunshine does its very best to please.


this is my baby.his name is POOH..
i call him is baby pooh.
he always with me anywhere i goin..
i have him since im 2 years old..
now i already 18 years old... long i already with my baby pooh?
i love my baby pooh fucking damn much..
seriously i can't sleep without my baby pooh..
he must always with me.he like my boyfriends and also my husband.
im always love him.always!


pyjamas party with yana and fatin.
its really fun!
we eat together,watching movie together..
online together,make over together..
sleep together and more..
thanks yana and fatin..
cause u always make me happy!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

When the blazing sun is gone,
When there's nothing he shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, through the night.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

In the dark blue sky so deep
Through my curtains often peep
For you never close your eyes
Til the morning sun does rise
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are


Every woman dreams of meeting that special man that knows how to fulfill her heart's romantic desires. Speaking of that special someone; is your special someone a lover or just an average Joe? No pun intended if your guy's name is Joe. This article will outline the 27 characteristics of a loving man. If your man is one of them, then you must do all that you can to make sure he does not slip through your fingers. However, if he falls in the average Joe category, then help him by telling him what he ought to be doing to make you happy. If he isn't even willing to try to make some changes in the way he is treating you, then you may want to make some changes in order to get the love you deserve. By the way, make sure you share this article with all your friends. They deserve to know the 27 characteristics of loving men.

Without wasting more time, here are the 27 characteristics of loving men. A man who truly loves you:

1. Always calls you to find out how you day is going.

2. Will feel terrible when he forgets your birthday or anniversary and will always make it up to you.

3. Surprises you with gifts, even when the occasion is not special.

4. Tells you regularly that he loves you.

5. Knows how to make love to you.

6. Knows how to caress, hug, kiss and fulfill your heart's romantic desires.

7. Feels your pain when you go through hard times.

8. Loves to see you happy and rejoices with you.

9. Always makes quality time to spend with you.

10. Will never physically or emotionally abuse you.

11. Will marry you without waiting too long.

12. Will forgive and forget when you apologize for hurting his feelings.

13. Will not use your weaknesses or secrets against you.

14. Will not air your dirty laundry.

15. Is patient and willing to work on your relationship problems.

16. Knows that it is important for you to spend time with your friends and family members.

17. Will not cheat on you.

18. Will not flirt with your girlfriends to the point of annoying you.

19. Will not go out of his way to make you jealous.

20. Will always respect you in the presence of his friends and family members.

21. Always helps you with chores around the house.

22. Enjoys the company of your family and friends.

23. Supports your dreams and ambitions.

24. Never puts you down when talking to you.

25. Cares a great deal about your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

26. Is always available to help when you need him.

27. Knows that his way is not the only way.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


In Singapore, food is also readily and widely available. There are lots of cuisines to offer. We have, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian and Western, Italian, Peranakan, Spanish, French, Thai and even Fusion. It is very common to savour other culture's food and some of the food can be very intriguing. Indian food are relatively spicier, whereas Chinese food is less spicier and the Chinese enjoy seafood. Malay cooking uses coconut milk as their main ingredient, that makes their food very tasty.

candy shop!seriously,i crazy when i go there.cause got many candy in there..

the most famous place at singapore and also my favourite place!
Before I start, be forewarn that this post is extremely photo-intensive! So, let the story begins. Last Friday was one of the most anticipated day in recent years because I went Universal Studios Singapore with my friends and vivi! The main attraction, Battlestar Galactica was closed since the day before. As I wasn’t planning to take the ride in the first place, I wasn’t too disappointed. Dayna is not a fan of thrilling rides because my fragile heart simply couldn’t take the suspense. I didn’t want to risk myself having a heart attack on any of the rides so roller coasters are a big no for me.

singapore many place i hang out with my friends.its really fun!

Why Bad Boys get all the Hot Women, and Nice Guys don’t even get close

A bad boy is sexy. There’s something about that sly smile; that look in his eyes. He just turns women on wherever he looks.

He moves like an alpha male in the animal kingdom: Relaxed and confident. Almost too relaxed. Almost too confident.

So what exactly defines a bad boy?

In its most simple definition, a bad boy is someone who works outside the norms of society. He doesn’t follow rules, he f**king makes them himself!

It’s really all about the mindset; the attitude. He just doesn’t give a damn.

A bad boy is also incredibly unpredictable. One moment he might be your best friend; the next you’re outside getting your ass kicked. For no reason at all.

His looks witness his personality; adventurous, unpredictable, raw. Exactly what he wears doesn’t matter – it’s the way he wears it that counts.

Typical bad boy traits:

  • He always put himself first.
  • Does what he wants, whenever he wants.
  • He’s extremely arrogant.
  • Abuse the people around him.
  • He’s really dominant
  • Create a lot of drama.
  • Has high masculinty.
  • Has very high sexual confidence, and he knows how to please a woman.
  • He’s dangerous, and you never really know where you have him.
  • Lead an exciting life.
  • Gets a lot of girls.

And it’s that last trait that’s interesting. Bad boys generally get lots of girls. And even though they treat them like sh*t, they keep coming back… Because the sex is so exciting. And not only the sex:

Everything about the bad boy is exciting. Being with one is like riding a giant roller coaster for a woman; there are incredible emotional highs, and there are incredible emotional lows.

Wussies and nice guys

Wussies on the other hand, are almost the exact opposite. In “pick up glossary”, a wussy can also be called an “AFC” – an Average Frustrated Chump. You could also call him a needy guy, or a nice guy, whatever works for you.

Nice guys generally don’t get girls. And when most nice guys do get laid, they often refer to it as “getting lucky”.

Typical nice guy traits:

  • He’s available all the time.
  • dresses “nice”.
  • Only talks about “death topics” (family, politics, economy etc.)
  • Calls 27 times a day, and leaves “cute messages” in her voicemail.
  • Compliments her all day long (mostly on her looks)
  • His bodylanguage is “stiff” (center of gravity in the middle, arms hanging pointlessly at the sides)
  • Never takes risks.
  • He is dependable, and she always knows exactly where she haves him.
  • Always shows up 10 minutes early.
  • Live a boring, predictable life.
  • Doesn’t get a lot of girls. Few to none actually.
  • And when he does, she usually ends it with the “let’s just be friends” phrase.

Said in simpler words, a wussy is boring as hell.

And who wants boring? I know for sure that I don’t. My life is too short for boring.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


seriously i miss you guys..
when wanna go back melaka..
im stay alone at our rooms..
i miss wanna make joke with u guys
i miss wanna hang out with u guys
i miss wanna sleep with u guys
i miss wanna wash face with u guys
i miss wanna change clothes with u guys
i miss wanna study with u guys
i miss wanna shopping at hostel with u guys
i miss all thing we do.
faster go back melakaa


for A***D.

I just wanted to say,
You've helped me in so many ways.
You've lifted my spirits and my heart,
And I'm glad in my life your a special part.

You can see something in me,
That very few people take the time to see.
You've made me have faith that I thought I had lost,
That Id yearned to regain no matter the cost.

Thank you for the time you have spared,
To talk, listen and understand, and to care.
You've enhanced my life and have given me hope,
You've made me feel special, and that I could cope.

You've made me see that there are still,
People on this earth,
That can help renew your life, like a second birth.

I want you to know that I will be there,
If you need to talk, someone who will care.
A true friend is very hard to find,
And I want to thank you for being mine.



Clothes Line

We capture the most fashionable shoppers at Topshop's opening-day madness. By Daniela Jacobs

It was Topshop pandemonium this morning on Broadway as shoppers turned out in droves for their chance to grab at the British chain's cheaply-chic goods. The line did a 360 around the block with wait times of up to three hours, but it wasn't your typical waiting-on-line experience. Madewell gave out free coffee, Pinkberry handed out samples, and the smiling Topshop staff rewarded its admirers with totes, cookies, water, and complimentary gift cards. We pushed our way past the paparazzi, swarms of fashion students cutting class, and Kate Moss sightings to bring you the brightest young things who turned the spectacle into a full-on fashion show.


Above, from left: Model Gracie Carvalho in an acid-bright jacket; Gracie Carvalho again (outfit change!) and a male model posing for a DKNY campaign shot by The Sartorialist; model Coco Young was visiting friends at Topshop and "hoping to score free clothes."


Above, from left: Irina and Rosie, models at DNA, waited over an hour and gave up; on the line and looking tough in ripped denim; graphic designer/blogger Sarah Ancalmo had been waiting an hour and a half and was hoping to score "a killer jumpsuit."


Above, from left: Student/blogger Francesca was waiting for a Kate Moss spotting; actor Greta Lee said she had "nothing to do today so I thought 'why not?'"; NYU student Melody luckily had no conflicting classes this morning.


Above, from left: Model Camille was hoping to score some great schwag (and already had a free tote to show); LA-based student Molly Wurward rocked some electric orange; a Topshop employee decked out in the goods.


Above, from left: Stylist Signe was in the market for a blazer with skinny shoulders; German student/blogger Nicole said that the opening was a definite highlight of her trip; model Marsha said "the only reason I'm in New York is for Topshop, not!."


Above, from left: Madewell's Gigi Guerra is happy Topshop is their new neighbor; student Anna was not cutting class; Cayetana Echenique was vacationing in NYC and excited to check out the new store.


Above, from left: Student Lukas Thoms was on the hunt for "something awesome but had low expectations"; student Susannah Liguori was in town from LA specifically for the Topshop opening; a queue cutie waiting to check out Topman.

Fashionable shoppers at Topshop's opening-day madness.

Thursday, November 4, 2010



I rather die than not being an intellect
I have the power to make my life happy or sad
Right now I am happy
Happy because I am completely changed
Happy because now I won’t be humiliated
Happy because I have pledged to keep my dignity
Happy because I have chosen my way
of success, fame and money
Happy because I promised myself
Would not break my dear one’s heart
Happy because I have oathed to
Love my small family
For that I have vowed
A heart full of love
That is how much I love myself now.

Monday, November 1, 2010



I told good bye to that old life
A new life I am living now
I told good bye to that old me
Now I am a new person
You haven’t seem me since
I don’t need any medication anymore
It is a miracle that my depression is gone
And that
I am free
And I don’t have it anymore
A new life
I am enjoying it
Because I am
Meeting new people
A new life
Full of new friends
A new life to share with that someone that I love
A new life
I don’t want to miss another day
After all a new life is here
For now I will be single