Sunday, December 19, 2010


today is a 1st day go to college and started the class.
wake up on 6 pm something,then shower with the cool water.
then hair dryer my hair,taking the baju kurung.done!
no breakfast,already walk with A AI nad JAS go to college.
our house near with college,just walk only no need to take a bus or what.
7 pm something we already walking,really nice when walking every morning.
then already get at college,after that go spp office wanna take time table.
but when i look at the time table seriously i wanna say WTF!but i wont.
ahaha..seriously shit,my class start 10 pm..
arggghhhh!!wanna do what right now?
hrm its oke,just pretend im not angry about that.
so just wait at libary untill 10 pm.
hrmm dead bored here..
waiting alone.
1st day is a sucks day!

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