Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Heart

omg!seriously i miss this feeling since im single.
im really happy and happy and happy time with someone.ahaha.
i can't believe it he can make my heart like "dupdapdupdapdup!".
cause before this im just no feeling at any guy,just friend feeling only.
but when with him,my feeling already different.like a magical chant!ahaha
im happy when i see his face,his smile,his eyes and his lips.
oh ya one more think!seriously i like his eyes cause i love "sepet" eyes.
this night im spend time with him and my friends.
even i and him not talk each other to much but im really happy,
when i can see his cute face and his sepet eyes.ahaha lol.
hrmm..i hope i can happy always like this.its was awesome feeling!
thanks THE PEARL!:D

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