Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take Away My Single Life

I need a commitment
Because I'm tired of moving around
From this man to that man
With no reason to settle down
Some people say that I'm too particular
And that I carry too much pride
But I'm only looking for a real man
That's going to make me satisfied
I need the type of man
That takes pride in his real hair
And when we lay down at night
His pretty eyes will still be there
I don't need the type of man
that's always holding out his hands
With payday being the only day
That he claims me as his girl
I want a man that's in my arms
This day well so as the next
So that I can have positive feelings
At any time when we have sex
There's no need for a man to be my boyfriend
If he's not fit to be my husband
And until a man takes me that serious
I will remain living a single life

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