Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Watch out world, I'm cranky today
Things just don't want to go my way
I'm gonna fight and fuss and pout
I gotta get this cranky out

Look out, people, I'm not in the mood
Don't care if you don't like my attitude
I woke up so cranky that I could just spit
I feel like I'm gonna be throwin' a fit

Move aside traffic, get outta my way
I don't have time for you all today
Road rage ain't got nothin' on me
When I am feeling really cranky

Get back in your cubicles, coworkers
That's not a request, that's an order
Fetch me some coffee and the paper, my dear
I'm playin' boss til the real one gets here
She's here already? Well, that's just great
Just another thing for me to hate

Hurry up, lunch line, especially the big dude
Obviously you haven't been informed of my mood
That's about all I should have to say
Everyone but you knows I'm cranky today

Goodbye to the working world, I'm really now just tired
I finally got all my cranky out, and I also got fired
My car got towed away again, so now I'm on the bus
Jeez, you know, I don't get it, what is all the fuss?

I guess I'll just go home now and stay there while I brood
Honestly, I just don't see how people can be so rude

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