Monday, January 17, 2011

Obsessed people

Is it real love if you love a fake?
Is it true love if you love a lie?
Is it supposed to end if it didn’t even start?
Is it a potion to mend a broken heart?

Are you even listening?

Will you answer my questions?
Will you make this worthwile for me?
Will you be kind, sweet little girl?
Will you not disappear from my world?

Why does it always have to rhyme?

Why do you always die on me?
Why do you always have to hurt me?
Why can't you just smile at me?
Why can't you not lie to me?

Must you always blame another?

Must you always assume things?
Must you always accuse me of everything?
Must you hate me for my doings?
Must you go the opposite way I'm going?

Do you realize you're obsessed?

Do you want it to be this way?
Do you think you're that beautiful?
Do you intend to leave me like this?
Do you wish for us to hold our hands?

You're obsessed!

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